From one mother to another...

Motherhood, and impending motherhood, takes its toll on your body. The hardest part of changing my nutrition during pregnancy was not knowing if my baby had all the right nutrients he needed to develop. I created my own Baby Brain bliss balls as a daily source of nutrition for my baby, and once he was born, adapted the recipe to enhance my milk production, and Nursing Nutrition was born.​

Alongside several nutritionists, I developed the right recipe that contained superfoods with amazing benefits for both mother and baby. It is also important to me that the range is organic, delicious, and beautifully packaged, as well as practical (the bite sized balls are perfect for one handed snacking while feeding).

I started Pure Bliss Co with the aim to provide a range of products that will make a difference to the lives of mothers and their babies, and ensure every delicious bite is contributing to your body being it’s absolute best!


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your motherhood journey!

xxx Nurcan