Our bodies are amazing things, and I think sometimes we take them for granted! There's a lot going on to keep us going every day, we just don't get to see it in action.

Recently, mothers have been taking photos of their pumped milk when their babies are well, next to milk produced when they are ill. The difference in the colour of the milk is astonishing, and scientists say this is due to the mother producing antigens to help fight off the bacteria, as well as attacking pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract before they have a chance to make baby sick. Not only that, but the milk is specially formulated to that babies needs- the nipple is actually a 2 way street- taking information from the babies saliva about their nutritional requirements for the mothers milk to adjust iteslf.

Milk expressed 3 days apart- when well, and when sick!

We know breastfeeding is great for babies, but it is also worth holding out especially during the transition to daycare when their immune systems get hit with everything going around! Its not a bad idea to freeze some as you wean as it can last up to 3 months frozen, on hand for a dose of breastmilk health! Would love to know your thoughts on the topic!